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The UV Cube

Large Capacity, Larger Devices
with The UV Cube

At 31” x 31” x 31”* The UV Cube—AUVS’ largest Germicidal Enclosure—meets your high-volume demands and the need to disinfect larger items – frequently.

With the UV Cube you can disinfect up to 16 Chromebooks or 30 cell phones, or multiple backpacks and purses in a single cycle.

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Your Defense Against A Hidden Cause of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

You could be bringing contaminants into your OR on blue-wrapped instruments and plastic packaged devices.

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EPA Est. 99021-GA-1

Large Capacity
Easy to Use
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Independent Test Reults Available 


  • Disinfect Larger Items including Laptops, Keyboards, RF Devices

  • Disinfect More Handheld Items in a Single Cycle including Multiple Tablets, Cell Phones, PPE and More

  • Independent Lab Tested with EPA Surrogate for SARS-CoV2 

  • Adjustable Cycle Times with our Computer-Operated System or Use Pre-Set Cycle Times from 90 to 180-Seconds with Standard System

  • Chemical Free

  • No Harmful Odors

  • Based on Our Technology Protecting the Pentagon 

  • Designed and Made in The USA

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High Capacity The 31" x 31" x 31" UV Cube allows for the simultaneous disinfection of numerous items
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High Capacity
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Larger Items 
Larger enclosure accommodates larger items including multiple laptops, keyboards and RF Scanners and larger PPE items
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Larger Items
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Cart Mobility 
Free-standing UV Cube is mobile with full-sized cart option
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Integrated Cart

Also Available:

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