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The KR615 Germicidal Enclosure--The UV Box--delivers up to 99.995% disinfection of MRSA and C. diff  - and up to 99.999% disinfection of Norovirus - in just 55-Seconds

Rely on AUVS' patented, 

           enhanced UV

Disinfection Chambers:

     Wherever disinfection

is a priority...

    Whenever cross-contamination

is a concern.

On mobile devices, AUVS Germicidal Enclosures deliver up to 99.995% disinfection of MRSA and C. diff  - and up to 99.999% disinfection of Norovirus - all in just 55-Seconds. Click to see our full product line.

In Healthcare

Where mobile devices including Cell Phones and Tablets undermine Hand Hygiene Programs 

Our patented technology is currently used in the air-handling systems at the US Pentagon to protect against bio-terrorism!
- Cell phones have been proven 10 times more contaminated than public restroom toilet seats!
- Number of times we handle our cell phones per day: More than 2,600.
- Number of times the average user disinfects their phone: 0.
- Nearly every US hospital has a Hand Hygiene program to reduce Hospital Associated Infections.
- Effective disinfection of phones - which are handled 2,617 times a day - has essentially gone unaddressed in healthcare.
With 30 year's experience developing intense UV sources, AUVS Chief Technology Officer Dr. Wayne Clark is one the nation's leading experts on
UV energy for antimicrobial applications. 

​Dr. Clark and his team of electrical engineering, plasma physics and nuclear engineering PhDs developed The UV Box specifically to address the spread of hospital associated infections in healthcare.

For Food Processing Facilities, Cafeterias and Restaurants, contamination-related closings can cost thousands to millions of dollars in revenue, lost time, decreased productivity and reputation damage.

Traditional methods of disinfecting handheld items including knives, kitchen implements, cell phones and tablets are not enough.
Traditional methods of disinfecting handcuffs have been blamed for fouling and damaging locks resulting in cuffs having to be cut off of prisoners. 
This complaint had been confirmed from New York to Dublin.
The UV Box does not damage any item that it disinfects.
Close living and working conditions contribute to the spread of colds, the flu and others serious illnesses among students and staff at every level of education.
Improved hygiene and disinfection of shared and mobile items have been identified as important control factors.