Rollie - The Mobile Room UV Box

Easy to Use
Environmentally friendly
Efficient LEDs

Proven, UV-C Room Treatment at a Fraction of the Cost


  • Affordable – a Fraction of the Cost of Competitive Robotic Systems

  • Proven UV-C Germicidal Energy Destroys Bacteria, Spores and Viruses including Coronavirus

  • Mobile System is Easy to Move and Easy to Use

  • Sized to Access Small Spaces including Restrooms

  • LEDs Provide Unmatched Longevity

  • Auto-Off Motion Sensor for Safe Operation

  • Will Not Damage Valuable Equipment

  • Environmentally Friendly: Chemical Free; Produces No Waste Products

  • No Harmful Odors

99.9% Disinfection

of Coronavirus

The Confidence to Assure them of

a Safe Environment is Within Reach


Patient concerns about safe environments have changed.

Rollie rolls easily from room to room bringing proven UV-C treatment

to high-touch surfaces throughout your facility.

Rollie rolls from room to room, self-enclose in its own protective case.

Set-up is complete in less than 2 minutes:

  • Roll Rollie into position

  • Open the hinged, top halves of the case

  • Raise the UV-C light head

  • Target high-touch areas with the rotating light head and 4 independent LED light pods

  • Press the UV-C button to initiate the safe-time countdown, allowing the area to be cleared 

  • The LED Energy begins treating the area

  • If someone enters the target area Rollie's Motion Sensor automatically shuts down the system until the area is clear for 30 seconds, at which time treatment starts again


  • Sized to access small areas including hospital patient restrooms

Easy to Use
  • Long-lasting LEDs distributed among 4 aim-able pods allow for focused UV-C treatment of high-touch surfaces 

  • Rollie's light head offers 180-degrees of movement in addition to the independent rotation of the 4 Led Pods

Literature Download

Rollie Hospital HT-UVC - 100120_001.png

Rollie in Your Hospital

Rollie Dental Practice DS - 102020 DR_00

Rollie Dental

Rollie LTC DS - 102020_001.png

Long Term Care

Rollie Education DS - 102020_001.png

Rollie in Education

Rollie Physician Practice 102020 DS - DR

Rollie Physician

Rollie EVS3 DS - 102020_001.png

Building Manitenance

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