Rollie Mini-Bot 

The Mobile Room UV Box

Easy to Use
Environmentally friendly
Efficient LEDs

Proven, UV-C Room Treatment at a Fraction of the Cost


  • Affordable – a Fraction of the Cost of Competitive Robotic Systems

  • Proven UV-C Germicidal Energy Destroys Bacteria, Spores and Viruses including Coronavirus

  • Mobile System is Easy to Move and Easy to Use

  • Sized to Access Small Spaces including Restrooms

  • LEDs Provide Unmatched Longevity

  • Auto-Off Motion Sensor for Safe Operation

  • Will Not Damage Valuable Equipment

  • Environmentally Friendly: Chemical Free; Produces No Waste Products

  • No Harmful Odors

99.9% Disinfection

of Coronavirus

The Confidence to Assure them of

a Safe Environment is Within Reach


Patient concerns about safe environments have changed.

Rollie rolls easily from room to room bringing proven UV-C treatment

to high-touch surfaces throughout your facility.

Rollie rolls from room to room, self-enclose in its own protective case.

Set-up is complete in less than 2 minutes:

  • Roll Rollie into position

  • Open the hinged, top halves of the case

  • Raise the UV-C light head

  • Target high-touch areas with the rotating light head and 4 independent LED light pods

  • Press the UV-C button to initiate the safe-time countdown, allowing the area to be cleared 

  • The LED Energy begins treating the area

  • If someone enters the target area Rollie's Motion Sensor automatically shuts down the system until the area is clear for 30 seconds, at which time treatment starts again


Sized to access small areas including hospital patient restrooms

Rollie UV-C Robot for whole room disinfection
Rollie High-Touch UV-C Treatment System
Easy to Use
  • Long-lasting LEDs distributed among 4 aim-able pods allow for focused UV-C treatment of high-touch surfaces 

  • Rollie's light head offers 180-degrees of movement in addition to the independent rotation of the 4 Led Pods

Literature Download

Rollie Hospital HT-UVC - 100120_001.png

Rollie in Your Hospital

Rollie Dental Practice DS - 102020 DR_00

Rollie Dental

Rollie LTC DS - 102020_001.png

Long Term Care

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Rollie Education DS - 102020_001.png

Rollie in Education

Rollie Physician Practice 102020 DS - DR

Rollie Physician

Rollie EVS3 DS - 102020_001.png

Building Manitenance

Mobile 4-Pod UV-C System User's Manual M

Rollie Manual

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