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Call for Basic Instructions and Manuals

Disinfecting Wipes are Plastic Based: Don't Wipe Out Mother Earth

Hospital Spreads Word on Protecting Its Community 

Carilion Clinic's is letting the community know about the new level of safety The UV Box provides.

CDC: Measles Case Cases Continue on Upswing

July 2019

Measles Cases in 2019.jpg

Microbial Contamination on Undergrad Cell Phones 

Microbial contamination on undergrad cel
Undergrad Cell phones

Germs, Bacteria and Diseases on Your Phone

Infection Control Today:

Superbugs Found on Many Hospital Patients' Hands and What They Touch Most Often

April 2019

Superbugs Found on Many Hospital Patient

Mobile Device Disinfection Vol 2 Issue 3 May, 2019

Special Measles Outbreak Edition


Anything They Touch...

Download Latest AUVS Info Sheet

AUVS - Anything They Touch 0219_001.png

Where Could You Use Up to 99.995%, 60-Second Mobile Device Disinfection?

Where Could You Use 60-Second Disinfecti

The Smart Phone & Tablet Contamination Crisis

We're easing our minds,

but not killing germs

Mobile Technology Disinfection

Contaminated Devices Pose Threat to Patients 

From Infection Control Today by Kelly M. Pyrek

Mobile Device Disinfection - Contaminate

New AUVS vs. Wipes

Cost Comparison

Up to $300,000 Potential Savings

AUVS Disinfection Payback - Cost Compari

QACs Information for Physicians

Possible adverse health affects of using disinfectants containing quaternary ammonlum compounds (QACs)

QACs Info for Physicians_18_001.jpg

Mobile Device Disinfection Vol 2 Issue 1 Jan 15, 2019

AUVS eNewsletter covering disinfection issues in healthcare

Mobile Device Disinfection Vol 2 Issue 1
Anchor 2

What we've Know for years!

Cell Phones and Acinetobacter Transmission

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Note: Acinetobacter baumannii is a bacterium that can cause a range of diseases, including pneumonia and meningitis.

cdc transmission pathogens by cell phone
Anchor 1

Can Your Smartphone Spread the Flu?


Can Your Smartphone Spread The Flu_001.j

Cleaning the Mobile Germ Warehouse

New York Times

Cleaning the Mobile Germ Warehouse - The

Mobile Device Disinfection #5 - July 17, 2018

AUVS eNewsletter covering disinfection issues in healthcare

Leapfrog Report:

Decline in Number of Hospitals Achieving Zero Infections Since 2015


Homeland Security Newswire
2006 Report on our patented technology that went on to protect the US Pentagon.

Innovative UV-based bioterror protection device  Homeland Security Newswire_001.png
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