The UV Cube

Large Capacity, Larger Devices with The UV Cube

Large Capacity
Environmentally friendly
Easy to Use


  • Disinfect Larger Items including Laptops, Keyboards, RF Devices

  • Disinfect More Handheld Items in a Single Cycle including Multiple Tablets, Cell Phones, PPE and More

  • Proven UV-C Germicidal Energy Destroys Bacteria, Spores and Viruses including Coronavirus

  • Adjustable Cycle Times with our Computer-Operated System or Use Pre-Set Cycle Times from 30 to 150-Seconds with Our Standard System

  • Environmentally Friendly: Chemical Free

  • Produces No Waste Products; No Harmful Odors

  • Based on Our Technology Protecting the Pentagon from Bio-Terrorism

  • Designed and Made in The USA

99.9% Disinfection

of Coronavirus


At 31” x 31” x 31” The UV Cube—AUVS’ largest Germicidal Enclosure—meets your high-volume demands and the need to disinfect larger items – frequently.


Custom adjust your cycle time or use presets of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 seconds 

High Capacity
Larger Items
Optional EZ Interface
Optional Cart

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The UV Cube

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