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For the First Time:

True, Continuous Air Disinfection

Plus significant Energy Cost Reduction

The BioProtector Series
BioProtector 3131 BRAD
(Big Room Air Disinfection)
BioProtector 2424
AU-X4 Induct

BRAD Basic and BRAD SA

BioProtector 2424

AU-X4 In-Duct Disinfection


Based on our own patented application of UV-C technology that has been protecting the UV Pentagon from bio-terrorism for more than a decade, AUVS' BioProtector 3131 BRAD series provides—for the first time ever—true, continuous air disinfection.

An integrated, custom-designed AUVS Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system for your facility may include:

  • BRAD Basic or BRAD SA (Stand Alone)

  • BP2424 Upper Air Ceiling Grid Mounted

  • AU-X4 In Duct System


  • BARDS Building-Automation-Ready Disinfection System for Efficient Management and Significant Energy Cost Savings  

Easy to Use
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  • Healthcare  
  • Education  
  • Hospitality
  • Offices  
  • Gyms  
  • Retail


  • Airborne Viruses are Killed, Not Trapped

  • Third-Party Testing with Aerosolized MRSA and an EPA Accepted Surrogate for SARS-CoV2 Confirmed Kill Rates of Up to 99.9992% with a 1-Second Pass. In Practical Use, Air will Run through the System Continuously

  • Air Going Through the HVAC Return is Re-treated

  • Low Pressure Drop: Easily Retrofits into Existing HVAC Systems

  • Performance is Continuously Monitored

  • Low Energy Costs

  • Offers Low Cost of Ownership and Operation

  • LEEDS Beneficial: Improved Indoor Air Quality; Energy Efficiency

Independently Tested 
Up to a 99.9992% Kill rate of MRSA and an EPA- Accepted Coronavirus Surrogate
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99.9992% Disinfection
for adults and children, providing peace of mind for return to work and school.
Back to Work and School
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Low Maintenance
Bio-Contamiants are killed not trapped: There are no filters to clean or change
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Low Mainteance

Also Available:

  • The UV Box - Award-Winning Germicidal Enclosure for handheld devices

  • The UV Cube - Our Largest Surface Disinfection System

  • Rollie - Mobile, High-Touch Area UV-C System

  • Ray - Overhead, High-Touch Area UV-C System
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