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AUVS: Science, Experience and Innovation 

Drug-resistant superbugs associated with HAIs are killed by the destructive effects of the UV 254 nm germicidal wavelength used in the AUVS, Germicidal Enclosures and Air Sterilization Systems. 

Dr. Wayne Clark, a recognized expert in germicidal UV applications, developed AUVS first enclosure, the KR6I5, commonly known as THE UV Box, specifically to address the spread of infection in healthcare environments. 

He holds multiple patents and has been contracted by the Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the Pentagon's Immune Building program to address threats of bio-terrorism in air handlers. Along with his team of PhD's in electrical engineering, plasma physics and nuclear engineering, Dr. Clark developed the KR615 based on their work for the Department of Defense. 

Dr. Clark's patented technology utilizes UV radiation to create a homogeneous flux of photons to sanitize items. Its innovative UV enhancement or "photon multiplication" technology permits the use of relatively low power UV sources to achieve high microbial kill levels. 

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Dr. Wayne Clark developed the KR6I5 to address the spread of infection in healthcare environments.