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The below article was originally published during the first year of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Since that time, AUVS has conducted 3rd party testing with an EPA accepted SARS-CoV-2 surrogate that confirmed an AUVS UV Box kill rate of greater than 99.999% in just 55 seconds. 

Coronavirus and Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems’ UV Box

South Hill, VA – With the global alarm surrounding Coronavirus COVID-19, Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems’ (AUVS) has asked Dr. Wayne Clark for his professional opinion on the AUVS KR615 Germicidal Enclosure’s ability to treat COVID-19 on mobile devices including phone and tablets. Such devices have been proven to be highly contaminated but are often left unaddressed when hand washing protocols are discussed.

Dr. Clark is a one the nation's leading experts on UV energy for antimicrobial applications.

A Ph.D. in electrical engineering with specialization in controlled nuclear fusion and plasma physics research, Dr. Clark holds 18 patents and has authored more than 25 published technical articles.  His patented Photon Trap Technology is currently protecting the US Pentagon against bio-terrorism and has been put in service at leading medical facilities across the US through the KR615 Germicidal Enclosure, widely known as "The UV Box".

Lab Testing Available for MRSA, C-Diff spores, Norovirus, and SARS-CoV-2

Dr. Clark stated that the susceptibility of COVID-19 to 254 nm UV, as used in The UV Box, should be close to that of SARS, which is a similar coronavirus.


“Tests on the SARS coronavirus show that it is very easily killed by 254 nm germicidal UV,” explained Dr. Clark. He cited data published by Wladyslaw J. Kowalski in 2015 (Aerobiological Engineering Technical Report, 25 November 2015) indicating that the dose required for 1 log deactivation of SARS is about 7 J/M2, which translates to 0.7 mJ/cm2. Dr. Clark points out this is a very low dose.

By comparison, the KR615 produces a dose of approximately 200 mJ/cm2 in a 55 second disinfection cycle. This is 286 times the dose of 0.7 mJ/cm2 required for 1 log or 90% deactivation of SARS. “Rather than thinking about 286 logs of disinfection,” explains Dr. Clark, “suffice it to say that the disinfection level would be very high. The disinfection levels for COVID-19 with the KR615 should be at least as high as those that we have achieved for C. diff and MRSA, namely up to 99.995% or more than 4 logs.”

Currently used by more than 700 hospitals and hospital groups

The testing of The UV Box against C. Diff and MRSA, referred to by Dr. Clark, were done by an independent FDA consulting lab. Testing on Norovirus with the UV Box was conducted by a lab specializing in viruses and yielded a 5.25 log reduction rate or 99.999%.

The KR615 is currently being used by more than 700 hospitals and hospital groups to fight infections. The enclosure was developed specifically to target handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets that move freely in, around and through healthcare environments putting clinicians, patients, visitors and the general public at risk.

The rise of smartphone and tablet usage, in hospitals, restaurants, food processing facilities and throughout the business and manufacturing world–along with studies confirming exceedingly high contamination levels on these devices–has made The UV Box a vital, first-line of defense and integral part of Hand Hygiene initiatives.

Safe for All Handheld Devices

The UV Box is lauded for its ease of use, durability and speed - disinfecting multiple devices in just 55 seconds with the push of a single button. 


Adding to its appeal is the fact that it represents zero threat to handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets. On March 5, 2020 Spectralink, a leading mobile communication solutions provider working in the Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality industries, approved The UV Box for disinfection of its leading Versity product line.

For further information; call 803-504-0325 or email

About AUVS

Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems, LLC. (AUVS) was established to leverage the significant benefits of UV in infection prevention. Working with patented technologies, the company’s mission is to provide Medical Facilities, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, Emergency Medical Service providers, Food Processing, FoodService and all industries with affordable solutions to successfully combat the spread of infections spread through contact with high-touch handheld devices. The KR615 Germicidal Enclosure – aka The UV Box - is the company’s flagship UV device. The company also offers The UV Cube for larger items and high volume environments, Rollie for Room disinfection and The BP3131 for air disinfection.



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