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Countertop Germicidal Enclosure for disinfecting handheld items including phones, tablets, masks (PPE) and personal items such as keys, ID's, ID badges, eyeglasses, etc. 

  • Easy to Use: Zero No Learning Curve
  • Durable: No Moving Parts + Aluminum Case Protects UV Chamber
  • Will Not Damage Valuable Equipment
  • Produces No Waste Products
  • Based on Our Technology Currently Protecting the Pentagon from Bio-Terrorism
  • Designed and Made in The USA 

The UV Box

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Disinfection time: 55 Seconds
    • Outer Dimensions: 10”H x 10” D x 20” W
    • Disinfection Chamber (Inside) Capacity: 3.5”H x 8” D x 15.5” W
    • Weight: 10 lbs.
    • Housing: Aluminum
    • UV-C Lamp Life: 6,000 hrs. estimated
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