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BioProtector 2424 and 1212 - Coming Soon

LED UV-C Disinfection System

The BioProtector 2424 is a proven UV-C based air disinfection system using LED technology to reduce costs and eliminate Mercury. It can be used with adults and children present providing peace of mind for the safe return to work and school.

Easy to Use
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Healthcare / Education  / Hospitality  / Offices  / Gyms  / Retail / Construction
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  • Active Circulation Air Disinfection System

  • Independent Lab Tests Available on Request

  • Can be Used in Occupied Rooms

  • Ultra Quiet Operation

  • Installs Easily in Existing Ceiling Systems

  • Maintenance Free: No Filters to Change

  • 10,000 Hour Bulb Life, Equivalent to 3 Years

  • BioProtector 2424 (2’x2’) Disinfects 300 Sq. Ft.

  • Also Available: BioProtector 1212 (1’x1’)  Disinfecting 200 Sq. Ft.

  • All Units Offer Low Cost of Ownership and Operation

  • LEEDS Beneficial:  Improved Indoor Air Quality; Energy Efficiency

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Independent Lab Tests Available on Request

Also Available:

  • The UV Box - Award-Winning Germicidal Enclosure for handheld devices

  • The UV Cube - Our Largest Surface Disinfection System

  • BioProtector 3131 - HVAC Integrated Air Disinfection

  • Rollie - Mobile, High-Touch Area UV-C System

  • Ray - Overhead, High-Touch Area UV-C System

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